Great Review by Swiss Metal Magazine in 1/2023:

Erste Videos des Gigs bei den Schorndorfer Gitarrentagen 2022 online! Multicam Videomaterial mit besserem Sound wird in Kürze folgen. First videos of the Gig at the Schorndorf Guitar Days 2022 online! Multicam video material with professional sound is to follow soon!

And another great review from the UK! This one is from the FIREWORKS Rock&Metal Magazine 6/22:

ROCK HARD 6/22:Gitarre & Bass 6/22

Interview BREAK OUT Magazin Mai/Juni 2022

Album Review MNPR (UK):

Album Review Metal Factory (CH):

CD-Review Musix Magazin (D)

CD-Review Musikatlas (Austria)

Classic Rock Magazin 4/2022

Neue Ruhr Zeitung 4.3.2022
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Armin Sabol

CD-Review Break Out Magazin 3/2022

Cannstatter Zeitung 21.2.2022

Videopremiere Classic Rock Website “Bad Harvest” (Single) 2/2022

Videopremiere: Armin Sabol mit ›Bad Harvest‹

Videopremiere Classic Rock Portal “Going Down” (Single) 12/2021

Videopremiere: Armin Sabol mit ›Going Down‹

Videopremiere Eclipsed Portal “Got Her in a Bag) (Single) 10/2021
Darkstars Webzine 10/21

Armin Sabol „Got Her In A Bag“ Single und Video

Darkstars Webzine Armin Sabol Gitarrenspecial

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