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Werbemusik / Music for advertising Für diesen Werbeclip habe ich die Musik komponiert und produziert. Brauchen auch Sie maßgeschneiderte Musik

19. January 2021
GUITARMANIA Show am 11.1.2020 im Soundwerk, Fellbach

Neues Projekt am Start: die GUITARMANIA-Show. Eine Show zur unglaublich facettenreichen Geschichte der elektrischen Gitarre. Bestehend aus Live-Band, Moderation, Bildern

17. July 2019

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6. September 2018
New Album “MAN MACHINE” out now!

I’ve got a new instrumental album out: “MAN MACHINE”. Musically located between Rock, Metal and Industrial. Have fun with it!

8. June 2018
Metallica playing “Major Tom” (Stuttgart, April 9th, 2018)

What a surprise to hear METALLICA jam “Major Tom” (Peter Schilling), a song I co-produced and played guitar on back

17. April 2018
Album “WAH WAH WAH” (Remaster)

Instrumental album “WAH WAH WAH” (Remaster / originally from 2002) out now – enjoy!    

13. November 2017
Filmed Interview with Joe Bonamassa

Some pictures of the interview with Joe Bonamassa for the TV documentary on May, 19th 2017. Joe is a cool

8. June 2017
Warming up.

Warming up. Should be started slowly. But hey –  no risk no fun! 😉

22. December 2016
Here’s a picture of Steve Morse of Deep Purple and me after the interview. He’s a extremely nice guy with a lot of spirit. Looking forward to this interview in the finished documentary. This may take a while since the movie is in its very early stage, let’s see how long it will take to finish the movie.
20. August 2016
Interview mit Steve Morse (Deep Purple) für TV-Dokumentation über die Magie der elektrischen Gitarre am 22.7.2016 in Dresden. Wird sicher spannend! Interview with Steve Morse (Deep Purple) on behalf of a TV-documentary about the magic of the electric guitar. It’s gonna be exciting!
21. June 2016
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